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Don Jazzy Denies Child Paternity

Eeeh! Let's just say that he has been making a buzz for all the (not so good reasons)
He was recently accused of attempted murder and just when we thought we had something to talk about, another pops up!
The multi award-winning record Producer reportedly once married a woman in the UK with whom he has a son, but totally declines that.
Now I don't know about you but to put all that to rest, In a recent interview he was quoted to have said "I'm single because I've not found the woman that my spirit agrees with. I was once married in the United Kingdom, but it was short lived. The union produced a son named after me. I don't want to experience a collapsed marriage again. That is why I am taking my time, working and praying for a soul mate."
Straight from the horse's mouth, is there anything that could beat that? C'mon Jazzy!

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