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East African Hip Hop Heavyweights Named

No doubt, our music scene is growing bigger and bigger.
After been seen that Ay listed to HESHIMA as2013HIP HOP HEAVYWEIGHTS YA [JARIDA LA HESHIMA]

We've got upcoming talent that's taking the scene by storm, we've got old school faces coming back and the club bangers these days are nothing short of incredible!
From the STLs of this world to the Navios then the Octopizzos, all rappers in the East African Music industry are worth watching out for but none so much as the ones listed as this year's East African Hip Hop Heavyweights by Heshima (East Africa's Hip Hop Bible).
Some of the Kenyan rappers to make that list include;
Octopizzo, fast rising 'Clap Your Hands' rapper J.A, Ecko Dydda and Kayvo K Force.
Navio and AY were the other names representing Uganda and Tanzania as well.
Looks like Octo made the cover of that and is currently still ruling airwaves with his song 'Swag' featuring Amina .

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