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P Square's Official Stand on the Mr. May D Beef[""Dj cashmizo" Exclusive"

There was a lot of drama around why they didn't want their long time collaborator to be signed onto Akon's music label with them but from their side of the story, looks like it was Mr. May D's intense demands that kept him from rolling on their level.
As reported by Peter, the older of the brothers in an exclusive interview with media sources, the crew was about to be signed when Mr May D said he would only agree to being put on the label if he would have all the benefits that P Square were going to have.
The label subsequently didn't agree to that and so they had to (quite sadly)part ways and though for the time that followed, May D and his supporters would have loved to think that the duo wouldn't have continued to be successful without him, seeing as they went on to rule the charts with Alingo, that clearly wasn't true.
In fact on that note, check out their most recent release 'Alingo';

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