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 Paxson Kamau (born November 10, 1991), better known
by his stage name Versatile Kenya, is a Kenyan born musician,
Business man and music producer.
At a tender age, Paxson was raised in an area known as "k-south", a micro
ghetto within the heart of Nairobi, Eastlands's area Piece
community. His Mother gave him his first musical experience
at a young age, bringing him to church to sing and bought him his first piano. He also cites
the music of his uncle 'Wyre The Love Child as an early
The boyhood idol became his mentor when he first released him music to the public. 
 Wyre took him under his wing to show him the ropes of the
music industry. He decided to name himself "Versatile" due to his way
of writing: a variety of genres.
His debut single, "Bounce" released in 2011, provided him
slow but sure success. He further established himself with
the follow-up record “Inna 2012”, directed by DJ Aaron,
CEO and producer of Hypemasters Ent. After a string of hits
in 2011 and 2012, Versatile released the bounce video
which was an official re shoot that was featured heavily on
R&B/hip-hop/reggae radio stations in Nairobi Kenya and Kampala Uganda.
In 2011, being among very few artist in Africa, alongside his
uncle Wyre, Versatile started featuring in official riddims
such as 'champion squad riddim' by the champion squad
records in Miami: The remix masters being Dj Reem. In 2012, he
featured in three other riddims namely 'sweet reggae riddim'
with song 'sweet love' , 'a-z riddim' with song 'turn up' produced by ke-m production in the U.S & the shell - born riddim with song " mi love yuh " produced by dj reem of the championsquad which did quite well in 2012, the riddim featured artists such as, delly ranks, tony materhorn, fatts, sizzla, stein and many more. Versatile is currently working with the label championsquad records based in the U.S & they have played a big role for the artiste in the international music world as his music now plays in the U.K, Bermuda, Jamaica among many more places, thus he has got to work with big producer names in the international dancehall riddim music business, names such as " Dj Karim (STAINLESS MUSIC) " who produced the hit riddim " swag team riddim , " Andre solid from U.K who produced the hit riddim starbucks riddim among many more
In 2012, Versatile was nominated for the 'chaguo la teeniez chat
award' in the best Nu' artist category. A bright future for the
young kenyan dancehall artiste VERSATILE KENYA.
In 2013,Versatile Kenya surprised  his audience with a new video titled “No More” which had a significant number of followers  locally and internationally. This year he has been part of the “UNFORGETTABLE RIDDIM “which featured dancehall artist from Gaza family .Being more determined he was again in the studio and released his latest brand new video “Me like it” in March 13 2014.
In 2015 he released his hit single ‘’ Angelina’’ and has now worked with many top artists in kenya. 
Versatile Kenya has more first-class singles yet to be released and infinite collaborations from other international artists which can be expected to be released soon. Alongside being an artist, he is also a brand which will soon be endorsed by an international company, a lot can be said about this talented musician but in a nut shell:  it can be said that he is a complete personification of success to be realized today and in the future to come.

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