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   Its not easy to remain on top or even to get to the top for that matter because the level of talent has greatly increased. It used to be music from a chosen few but now we have sounds from all sorts of directions. Tanzania is officially a diverse nation when it comes to entertainment. I mean, we even have comedians biting into the crowds that the music artists have been enjoying for the past two decades or so. Many theories have been cooked up as to how to stay on top of your game but it has become apparently quite clear that these doctrines sometimes do not stand the test of time. Just look at the number of artists that have risen and fallen in the past two years alone. It seems to  me that these individuals get too excited at first and forget that the journey has just begun. Don’t get caught up in the hype is the relative cliché when you think of these individuals modestly referred to as upcoming since one needs at least 5 years to prove that they really have what is known as ‘staying power.’.kaza kamba kwa mafanikio zaidi dj cashmizo.

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