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Bamboo Reacts to Gidi Gidi's Claims Of Him Stealing Their Track

Politics is on a high this year and as always (cause it's not like this is anything new) musicians are either taking interest or being dragged into it.
Starting off with Bamboo, Abbas and Chiwawa who have been making TNA's anthems and who we hear are the official TNA youth reps.
Now that said, recently the trio were staging a performance when one of the TNA tracks they were performing happened to have a beat that sounded a lot like old-school track 'Unbwogable' by Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji.
Yes. Beef definitely started and hours ago, Bamboo and Gidi Gidi took up a tweef! Seems to be the best way to solve issues when you're famous, anyway, it was hilarious!
Not too serious so check out a snippet of the back and forth between the two;
Gidi O Gidi ‏@GidiOgidi
@Nyumuh @njooro @TheRealBamboo Biting lyrics is allowed in hiphop but when you imitate an entire song from beat, to flow, to chorus is GROSS
Gidi O Gidi ‏@GidiOgidi
@Nyumuh @njooro @TheRealBamboo No one is against the song we were just respondin to public complaints that its an imitation of Unbwogable
Bamboo African Bantu ‏@TheRealBamboo
@GidiOgidi @nyumuh @njooro Gidi, you want your props 4 it sounding similar to Unbwogable. Sawa,but "cant a young man make money anymore"?Lol
Gidi O Gidi ‏@GidiOgidi
@TheRealBamboo @Nyumuh @njooro I said biting a line is allowed in hiphop but imitating entire song including chorus is LACK OF CREATIVITY
Bamboo African Bantu ‏@TheRealBamboo
@GidiOgidi @nyumuh @njooro In dancehall, ppl take a riddim and make a new version of an old song and nobody ever complains, eg PUnit-Dendai
Lol! Like can't we all just get along?

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