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The Three Kings Replace Prezzo With Chiwawa

They came back with a bang and I loved that we were going to re-live the awesome K –South days through them.
Bamboo and Abbas re-launched themselves as the Three Kings last year with Prezzo completing the trio and it turns out now that Prezzo has been replaced by Chiwawa.
Not that he was completely active anyway being that he kept having dealings outside the country but it's still never a good thing when someone gets ditched for someone else is it?
Hopefully his great solo career and the success of his single Ma City Ma Town will cushion the blow but in all honesty, Chiwawa just might be the right man for the crew.
For one thing, he's not about to move to Nigeria because unlike –you know who- he doesn't have a house there or a publicly known reason to be there and like Bamboo and Abbas, he has also been around our industry for a while.
The three who are now known as ABC (which is simply an acronym with their initials) were named as the TNA youth reps which means that they'll be performing at all major TNA gigs

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