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Bongo's Professor Jay Comments On His Own Death Rumors!

So these days, and all thanks to the internet, people get fake-killed all the time online and then they have to come out about still being alive ...which can be pretty awkward.
Well this week, it was producer and Tanzanian music icon Professor Jay's turn to "die".
Yes. After reports surfaced online that the star had allegedly passed on, Jay came out about this on twitter & Facebook to say;
'Jamani eeeh mimi ni mzima wa afya njema wao wanaozusha kuwa nimekufa wataanza wenyewe'.
Wonder if they find it weird tweeting in such perfect Kiswahili. Anyway, in case you didn't quite get that, he was basically calling those out to be nothing more than just nasty rumors.
Apparently this word on the street spread so far and so fast that even his mom and close family thought it to be true.
So just to clear things out one last time, Prof is perfectly fine.

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