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Was It Really That Serious? Why Nas Was Hospitalized

Don't know if you saw this online but a few days ago, Nasir Jones otherwise known as just Nas was checked into a hospital's Emergency Room after falling sick.
Can't even begin to tell you just how many of his fans tweeted their concern fearing the worst but, thankfully this hip hop phenom is fine now.
He got released over the weekend sending out a tweet that read;
"Peace y'all. I'm out of the ER & doin alright. I'm on bed rest for a few. Apologies to everyone. I'll make it up,"
Yeah those are great news indeed but now to check out what really happened.
As reported by reps close to the star, Nas suffered from a brief attack of an ailment called 'Vertigo' which is (after doing my research) a disease that affects your equilibrium causing dizziness and in some cases block outs.
Doesn't sound too good but then again, it could have been worse. Nas is still riding high off the success of his 'Life if Good' which was released last year.

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