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Rastafarians Threaten to Sue Snoop For Using The Name 'Lion'

So Snoop Dogg randomly changed his name to Snoop Lion sometime last year and even went on to release an album and a documentary titled 'Reincarnated' where he showcases his initiation into the Rastafarian culture.
Well, it might have boosted record sales for a while but reports are now surfacing that not all Jamaicans are fascinated by the change!
According to word online, many see Snoop Lion as a fraud who's only using the Rastafarian theme to boost album sales, something they have even gone ahead to call blasphemous!
Yeah looks like he shouldn't have messed with these guyz because now among such people, is one particular group who say they are going to sue Snoop for suggesting that Smoking Weed, Loving Bob Marley and Loving Reggae Music is all the Rastafarian Culture is about!
Apparently that's what they gathered when they watched his documentary.
In fact they now, want Snoop to stop using the name Lion along with a bunch of other demands that were put into a 7 paged document!
Snoop is yet to comment on any of these claims and in light of this situation I guess he should know that... 'You don't haffi dread to be rasta' *que Morgan Heritage* Lol!

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