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SMH Mavado Misses Yet Another Concert, Promoter Demands Refund

This is starting to get old.
Kwani Mavado will continue being unreliable until he cannot get anymore events?
Last week Mavado stepped forward to explain why he did not perform at Sting 2012.
According to the Gully gad, he did not turn up because he wasn't paid.
In an interview he said quote
"It simple... If I get paid to perform, or my money reach at my yard or my management officer... then I will reach at your show because I am a businessman," said Mavado.
But the promoter begs to differ, Joe Bogdanovich says he had already paid already him and is demanding back his money.
This is coming after a string of events that the Deejay was a no show including Uganda in December where he just did not turn up.
He's a great dancehall artist, no one can take that away from but he really needs to get his management in order if he intends to make money in this business. No shows means no money and the way he's going on.....he might just lose out on any promoters who want to work with him.

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